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The Hermit Hacker scrappy at
Thu Sep 16 16:58:46 UTC 1999

Does any have any numbers on what adding a feed to N feeds will do as far
as bandwidth is concerned?

ie. I have 12 feeds, and I'm pulling in ~500k articles/, if we
assume that each of those 12 feeds has tried to send me all 500k articles,
and the articles I've received is evenly split (~40k articles received,
460k rejected), if I add on a 13th feed, how much of an increase in
traffic would I be adding to th elink, assuming the 500k articles stayed

Make sense?  I'm essentialy going to be adding an additional 500k
'IHAVE/CHECKME' packets over the link, right?  how much bandwidth increase
should I expect from something like that?  Ballpark figure?

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