Reducing communications between NNTP servers ...

The Hermit Hacker scrappy at
Thu Sep 16 21:37:51 UTC 1999

Recently, I asked about what N+1 servers does to ones bandwidth, and
someone brought up that software like NNTPrelay(?) cache the information
of what a host has sent you, so that you don't send back to them, even if
its queued up...

Has anyone looked at doing this?

Basically, I would think this would be relatively easy to do, no?

Extend innfeed.conf to include a 'path' field, to reflect the path of the
machine that the feed is for, and have innd write to something like
<spooldir>/received...have the received/path file cached in innfeed, such
that when its processing its backlog file (or innxmit is), it checks to
see if we've received/rejected that article from that site yet, and if so,
don't try and feed it back...

Doable?  Or more overhead then benefit?

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