Help me understand this innreport

Paul Tomblin ptomblin at
Sat Sep 18 12:31:45 UTC 1999

The innreport on shows some very strange
behaviour.  That site was one major feed (from and
one minor one of only a few groups (from and freenet9
are both running inn 2.2.1 using innfeed to feed each other, and other people.
freenet-news is running inn 1.4 and feeds using nntpsend.  Here's the part I
don't understand about freenet9:

On a typical day, it reports as incoming feeds:
Host            offered taken
freenet-news    97921   91792        6924    6921

But for outgoing feeds, it reports:
freenet-news   405368    2062          58       0

Why would it be offering to freenet-news 4.5 times as many articles as it's
accepted?  Especially since I checked newsfeeds, and it has the correct path
aliases, and I checked log/news and it shows that articles coming in from
freenet-news are only being fed to crosspost and overview, usually.  (some are
going to as well)

Here are the relevant parts of etc/newsfeeds:
#       feed back to the real freenet-news

#      Paul Tomblin    (ptomblin at,,\

# Innfeed funnel master; individual peers feed into the funnel.
# Note that innfeed with "-y" and no peer in innfeed.conf
# would cause a problem that innfeed drops the first article.

And the relevant parts of etc/innfeed.conf
## Peers.
peer freenet-news {

peer {
        max-connections:        10

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