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Tue Sep 21 07:25:41 UTC 1999

Kjetil Torgrim Homme wrote:

> Well, 433 is really a given, since it's in the assigned-numbers list
> from IANA.  This would certainly have bit me, if I upgraded, since I
> run nnrpd out of inetd.  Is that an unusual thing to do?

No, we do that as well over here. nnrpd from inetd on 120 only
accessible for nntpcache on 119. We used to have innd on 433 but were
forced by some *%$customers(*&^ running C-News that cannot feed to
another port than 119 ! So we now run innd again on 119 but on another

> Some people might argue that the cleaner solution is an logical
> interface with another IP-address for the feeder or reader.

Naah... ;)

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