how to change output format for text and html

Fabien Tassin fta at
Tue Sep 21 06:30:54 UTC 1999

According to Katsuhiro Kondou:
> } the HTML engine doesn't care about column width. To obtain well formated
> } text tables, you must play with the 'format_name', 'format' and 'format_total'
> } fields of each 'column' block. The syntax is the same a perl printf.
> } The max width is set to 79 chars. There's a space between each column.
> Thanks for the suggestion.  But what I wanted to know
> is how to differentiate output information for each
> text and html.  How about this?

What do you mean ? do you want a table that is only shown in text or html
output ? or only a column ? or a column that looks different in text and
html ? or what ?

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