how to change output format for text and html

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Tue Sep 21 08:57:33 UTC 1999

According to Katsuhiro Kondou:
> In article <19990921083054.A23972 at>,
> 	Fabien Tassin <fta at> wrote;
> } > Thanks for the suggestion.  But what I wanted to know
> } > is how to differentiate output information for each
> } > text and html.  How about this?
> } 
> } What do you mean ? do you want a table that is only shown in text or html
> } output ? or only a column ? or a column that looks different in text and
> } html ? or what ?
> Sorry for poor explanation.  I'd like to create a table that is only
> shown in html.  I'm thinking of adding new table 'Duplicate' and
> 'Size' into incoming feeds.  But adding them into text will need more
> columns which breaks the view of the output with 80 culumns window.
> So I just want to create them in html.

oh.. ok, I see. It's easy.
Use can use the two boolean flags called 'text' and 'html' in each
section like in the default block.

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