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Katsuhiro Kondou kondou at
Sun Sep 26 02:11:39 UTC 1999

In article <m11UxnE-000FaBC at>,
	Richard Michael Todd <rmtodd at> wrote;

} >Sep 25 12:13:37 nnrp nnrpd[22355]: SM could not find token type or method 
} >was not initialized (0)
} >
} >I'm running inn-1999-09-13_03-00 under solaris 7, cnfs-rawdisk for the 
} >spool, and buffindexed for overview.
} The SM is complaining that it got a token with token type of '0', which it
} doesn't know how to handle (which isn't surprising, since all the existing
} definied SM classes have type numbers 2 or higher).  Sounds like the 
} buffindexed overview code is sometimes spewing bogus token info (all-zeroes,
} maybe) that nnrpd then tries to use.  That'd be my guess, anyway.

That's true.  I've seen it also but not always.  But I don't
think it means serious problem and just refers to bugus article.
Katsuhiro Kondou

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