Inn for novices

E. Schmidtmann doc.ernst at
Sun Apr 2 21:21:21 UTC 2000

Hi Ladies and gentlemen,

as a novice to INN I have a little problem...

As far as I have understood the UUCP feed, rnews executes news in a batch
(compressed) profile in ./incomming.feed.

Now the work of rnews to invoke compress -d to decompress the batches
seems to fail. No error message...

I know it is a big lack of understanding. I have to apologize, but if
someone has a hint, I would appreciate it. Good literature (not dummy
stuff) would be nice....

And I would appreciate if someone can tell me on the underlying principles
of INN (short) and keep my news running.

Best wishes,

E. Schmidtmann

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