INN project organizational changes.

James.Brister at James.Brister at
Tue Apr 4 13:36:32 UTC 2000

We (the ISC, James Brister and David Lawrence) are making some changes to the
INN project organization. These changes are needed because James and David
have been unable to find the free time needed to put into INN.

Starting today, the official ISC representatives to the INN project will the
Russ Allbery and Katsuhiro Kondou.

For most purposes things will not be changing: INN is still an ISC project,
and the CVS pool and mailing lists will still be hosted on the ISC machines;
INN remains an Open Source project; and the leaders will still be doing this
on a volunteer basis in their spare time. However now Russ and Katsuhiro will
be the people who will make the releases, arbitrate technical arguments if
needed, and generally run the project for the ISC.

Please join us in welcoming them.


James Brister & David Lawrence

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