Lotus Domino R5 push

Russ Allbery rra at stanford.edu
Wed Apr 5 00:06:35 UTC 2000

Paine Cameron <C.A.R.Paine at bton.ac.uk> writes:

> At the moment the domino server accepts news from INN fine. But when I try
> to push news back that has been created via domino I get

> 	01/17/2000 10:00:29 AM  NNTP Server: Connected to
> 	01/17/2000 10:00:31 AM  NNTP Server: Push feed to server
> ''
> 	01/17/2000 10:00:32 AM  NNTP Server: (saturn.bton.ac.uk send->)
> IHAVE <90D70C6CEF33E9CB0034FC3E80256869.0034FC3D80256869 at ed.it.bton.ac.uk>
> 	01/17/2000 10:00:32 AM  NNTP Server: (saturn.bton.ac.uk <-recv) 335
> 	01/17/2000 10:00:32 AM  NNTP Server: (saturn.bton.ac.uk <-recv) 437
> Missing "Path" header
> 	01/17/2000 10:00:32 AM  NNTP Server: Push to server ''
> returned IHAVE error:  Missing "Path" header

Servers which do not generate a Path header should not be using IHAVE to
forward messages because they are not generating complete Usenet messages.
They're generating proto-articles, just like a news reader, and should use
POST to post them just like news readers do.  Does Domino have an option
to use POST instead?

INN expects articles offered via IHAVE to be properly formatted Usenet

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