Cleaning up INN2.2.2 due to duplicate messages?

Edwin edwin.yau at
Wed Apr 5 08:18:02 UTC 2000

Russ Allbery wrote:
> Edwin <edwin.yau at> writes:
> > I reduced the size of one of my CNFS buffers last night as I ran out of
> > disk space (expiry wasn't working).  This has left me with a problem in
> > that I now have lots of expired messages and I'm getting error messages
> > like:
> > Apr  3 22:04:12 mailsvr nnrpd[8960]: cant find end
> > of line 88427614 Permission denied
> > I ran a 'makehistory -b' command but do I need to run a makeactive as
> > well?  What is the correct procedure to clean up the active and history
> > files?
> I don't think makeactive will help.  I'm surprised somewhat that
> makehistory -b didn't clean everything up, but I'm not sure what the
> implications of shrinking a CNFS buffer are.  But the active file cleanup
> will be handled by nightly expire when it detects that articles are no
> longer present.  (Is expiry working now?)

Yes, expiry is working ok now.  Thanks for everyones help.  However
another problem has cropped up.

Although the expired messages have gone I don't think all the headers
have actually been deleted.  For example, my newsreader tries to
download 7000 headers from but it only gets around 500
actual headers as the rest don't exist anymore.  I tried this one three
different newsreaders and all did the same thing.

This is why I was asking about makeactive as I thought it might clear up
the headers issue?  I did try running it but nothing happened (using
makeactive -m > ).  What should I be doing and what is the
correct command/syntax to use?  




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