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Mon Apr 10 09:39:26 UTC 2000

Gerd Hoerst <gh at> writes:

> I want to setup a news2mail gateway, and i used the examples as
> described in and man newsfeeds. But everythin i "earn" is
> that inn die after restart and give me a message like funnel_bad.

In case you're still having problems here....

> This enty doesn't make the problem:
> =============================================
> n2m!:!*:Tc,Ac,Wn*:/usr/lib/news/bin/news2mail
> =============================================
> the entry  for each mailinglist is the "problem"
> like this:
> ==============
> listserv at*,!*:Tm:n2m! 
> ==============

funnel_bad generally means that the feed you're trying to funnel into
doesn't exist.  That doesn't seem to be a problem above, though.  So I'm
not sure.

I do know that that newsgroups pattern won't do what you want; you instead
want "!*,capricorn.lists.*".

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