Article ghosts on reader screen

Esen Akyapi c077469 at
Fri Apr 14 18:19:25 UTC 2000


	I managed to convert to CNFS method. The server stores in CNFS but
there's the problem of nonexistent articles which seem to be on the server
by readers. 

	When I try to read in pine, I get a screen like the following.


  D 294                                (0)
    295 Apr 13 Prince of Special   (1,699) Re: For Sale, again.  Phoenix
Gold ZX
  D 296                                (0)
  D 297                                (0)
  D 298                                (0)
  D 299                                (0)
  D 300                                (0)
  D 301                                (0)
    302 Apr 14 trh at     (24,048) TRKNWS-L Di$ Basinda TR -- Fri,
14 Ap
    303 Apr 14 chuck               (2,927) Re: TURKS FANS RAISE 100.000 $
for t

	When I try to read from Netscape or Outlook express, I see the subjects
but I cannot reach the articles. Because they are not there, they are
overwritten I guess.

	And I get the very same messages in the syslog saying that:

Apr 14 20:01:35 patara nnrpd[3699]: bad_history at
2892759 for 848D6249FCCCC8573064D301971EFDFE in
Apr 14 20:01:36 patara nnrpd[3699]: bad_history at
2986809 for 207EC786322F9BD8C414FAA46E7962DA in
Apr 14 20:01:36 patara nnrpd[3699]: cant find end of
line 32
39607 Error 0
Apr 14 20:01:36 patara nnrpd[3699]: cant find end of
line 38
25403 Error 0  

	I thought this was something about index expiration but I'm not so
sure now..

	Any idea about why these happen and how I can get rid of these?



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