Article ghosts on reader screen

Russ Allbery rra at
Sun Apr 16 11:31:57 UTC 2000

Esen Akyapi <c077469 at> writes:

> I managed to convert to CNFS method. The server stores in CNFS but
> there's the problem of nonexistent articles which seem to be on the
> server by readers.

> When I try to read in pine, I get a screen like the following.

Pine is basically just a horrible newsreader.

> When I try to read from Netscape or Outlook express, I see the subjects
> but I cannot reach the articles. Because they are not there, they are
> overwritten I guess.

This is somewhat standard; these are articles that have been overwritten
in the cycbuff but which still have overview information available.  You
should be able to minimize the number of these that you see by setting
nnrpdcheckart to true in inn.conf.

> And I get the very same messages in the syslog saying that:

> **********************	
> Apr 14 20:01:35 patara nnrpd[3699]: bad_history at
> 2892759 for 848D6249FCCCC8573064D301971EFDFE in
> 454300000000000001A2070000000001000612B87800E70000@
> Apr 14 20:01:36 patara nnrpd[3699]: bad_history at
> 2986809 for 207EC786322F9BD8C414FAA46E7962DA in
> Apr 14 20:01:36 patara nnrpd[3699]: cant find end of
> line 32
> 39607 Error 0
> Apr 14 20:01:36 patara nnrpd[3699]: cant find end of
> line 38
> 25403 Error 0  

You've got a partly corrupted history file.  I'd expect news.daily to fix
this on the next run....

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