<pathbin>/bin/sm not found?

Julien Oster joster+inn at soft-research.de
Wed Apr 26 05:08:01 UTC 2000

On Wed, Apr 26, 2000 at 06:58:30AM +0200, Julien Oster wrote:

[ quoting myself ]

> Error log:
> /home/news/bin/parsecontrol: no such file or directory: /home/news/bin/sm -q
> +[79]

Just after pressing the send button I noticed the strange matter that the
error message in fact states the command name with it argument as the file
name. I then looked at the parsecontrol-script and saw the following:

SM="${PATHBIN}/sm -q"

I'm pretty sure that causes the problem, because since the entire command is
enclosed in quotes my OpenBSD shell might see it as the file name. I then
changed the above line to the following:


and replaced every further occurence of ${SM} in the script to ${SM} ${SMARGS}
(I think just removing the quotes might also have done the trick, but I think
this solution is cleaner)...

I don't yet know exactly if that was the problem but I think it surely was.
However, if it won't work, I'll continue seeking for the problem and let you

Consider this as a bugfix :)


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