Problems with INN-2.2.3 and SuSE6.4

Dr. Christian Renner stooge at
Mon Dec 4 18:39:54 UTC 2000


my inn 2.2.3 has a problem that former installations did not have, perhaps
due to better configuration.
I get news via uucp from a mailbox for diabetics; this worked for many years
quite well despite a Y2k-bug of that mailbox that sets a wrong date header
for the news. But my newest INN installation does not acdept this any longer:

Nov 28 22:24:50 josua rnews: offered
        <7qfpnxSGipB at> ame
Nov 28 22:24:50 josua rnews: rejected 437 Bad "Date" header
        -- "27 Nov 100 16:00:00 +0100"

I tried artcutoff 0 in inn.conf, but this did not change anything in the
way inn behaves (why not?). Starting inn with the -c 0 option might be
a way (?), but I do not find where to put this in (I do not quite
understand in detail what really does).

Could anyone help me?

Kind regards


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