INN 2.3 with Heimdal ( Kerberos 5 )

Masayuki Matsue matsue at
Thu Dec 7 05:33:23 UTC 2000


I want to authenticate the user with Heimdal ( Kerberos 5 ).
but, I can't find the answer how to do it.

please tell me the information.

  News server   <------ LAN --------> Heimdal server

News server:   OS: Kondara MNU/Linux 1.1
              INN: inn-2.3.0.tar.gz

Heimdal server:      OS: Kondara MNU/Linux 1.1
                Heimdal: heimdal-0.3c.tar.gz

Now, I suceess authenticate with local UNIX password.
so, I want to connect with Heimdal server.



Masayuki Matsue.   Genetec corp.
E-mail: matsue at

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