Problem using trn & INN 2.3.1 (fwd)

Don Lewis Don.Lewis at
Thu Dec 7 10:54:28 UTC 2000

On Dec 7, 10:06am, Olaf Titz wrote:
} Subject: Re: Problem using trn & INN 2.3.1 (fwd)
} The reasons for not pulling the whole overview at once, I _think_ this
} is the order of importance:
} - Saving memory, in case the client is a 16-bit machine (just look at
}   the trn source to find out how old it is, and warning, it is ugly)
} - Giving the server "breathing breaks" (I think this is actually good
}   client-side behavior)
} - Allowing rather seamless background threading in the client
} - Giving the user the chance to interrupt the process

Pulling the whole overview over a slow modem link might take ages, and
the only way that trn to interrupt this once it has started would be
to drop the NNTP connection and open a new one.  That would not be
very friendly to the server ...

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