Problem using trn & INN 2.3.1 (fwd)

Russ Allbery rra at
Thu Dec 7 18:57:34 UTC 2000

Don Lewis <Don.Lewis at> writes:

> Pulling the whole overview over a slow modem link might take ages, and
> the only way that trn to interrupt this once it has started would be to
> drop the NNTP connection and open a new one.  That would not be very
> friendly to the server ...

In low-volume configurations, it doesn't matter, since the server isn't
that overloaded.  In high-volume, many-reader configurations, I bet it's
actually friendlier to the server to request a bunch at once and very
rarely terminate the connection and reconnect than it is to send a whole
bunch of individual XOVER commands.

Although possibly not... do we still have to sort XOVER returns before
sending them back to the reader?  If so, sorting is O(n log n), so we may
be better off doing small chunks.

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