Problem using trn & INN 2.3.1 (fwd)

Heath Kehoe heath.kehoe at
Thu Dec 7 20:02:17 UTC 2000

>Don Lewis <Don.Lewis at> writes:
>> Pulling the whole overview over a slow modem link might take ages, and
>> the only way that trn to interrupt this once it has started would be to
>> drop the NNTP connection and open a new one.  That would not be very
>> friendly to the server ...
>In low-volume configurations, it doesn't matter, since the server isn't
>that overloaded.  In high-volume, many-reader configurations, I bet it's
>actually friendlier to the server to request a bunch at once and very
>rarely terminate the connection and reconnect than it is to send a whole
>bunch of individual XOVER commands.
>Although possibly not... do we still have to sort XOVER returns before
>sending them back to the reader?  If so, sorting is O(n log n), so we may
>be better off doing small chunks.

I don't think any of the ovmethods need to sort; ovdb certainly doesn't.
With ovdb, one large XOVER is faster than consecutive small XOVERs.


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