Malformed token

Roger Martensson Roger.Martensson at
Mon Dec 18 11:47:51 UTC 2000

Hi there!

I'm the guy with the "duplicate message-id" problem. I managed to 
transform that error message to a "malformed token" problem now :).

I'm running INN 2.3 on a Solaris 7(Ultra 10) computer and every nigth 
I'm running the news.daily script the report a big number of "malformed 

I've tried to rebuild my history file(makehistory and makedbz) but that 
doesn't work. I've even tried to recreate the CNFS databasefiles and 
histor file but no.. still the same problem.

I can read new news, and I can write news(and read it). Have read man 
documents, and other documents but can't find a solution.

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