db_archive disagrees with ovdb...

Jaye Mathisen mrcpu at internetcds.com
Tue Dec 19 18:56:28 UTC 2000

12/17 -current release.

I came in this morning, and innd was locked up tight.  ctlinnd
doesn't work, nnrpd processes hung, everything sitting there.
expireover was hung as well.  (Shades of fluffy here).

So I slowly killed off stuff, trying to see if I could find the

Eventually everything was gone, and so for grins I ran db_archive -av
on the overview database to see why I had about 10 logs for yesterday
afternoon piled up.

db_archive says it needs log # 48, but methinks that ovdb already
purged it, since it ain't there:

%db_archive -av
db_archive: log_get: log.0000000048: No such file or directory
db_archive: db_appinit: No such file or directory
DB_CONFIG.bak   __db.005        log.0000000051  log.0000000056  log.0000000061  ov00004
__db.001        groupaliases    log.0000000052  log.0000000057  ov00000         ov00005
__db.002        groupinfo       log.0000000053  log.0000000058  ov00001         ov00006
__db.003        log.0000000049  log.0000000054  log.0000000059  ov00002         ov00007
__db.004        log.0000000050  log.0000000055  log.0000000060  ov00003         version

I'm using the 3.2.3e (note the e) release of BerkeleyDB.  For grins on a separate box, I'm
going to just let the 3.2.3e tests run to completion just to see if they pass
under FreeBSD.

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