BerkeleyDB the final time... :)

Jaye Mathisen mrcpu at
Tue Dec 19 21:26:44 UTC 2000

I'll stop for an hour or so.

I have no news processes running.  Nada.

ps is clean.

%ovdb_stat -k
Lock Region Statistics
             215   Last allocated locker ID
            4000   Maximum number of locks possible
               3   Lock modes
               3   Current lockers
               6   Maximum lockers
             383   Lock conflicts
         6923801   Lock requests
         6923794   Lock releases
               7   Outstanding locks
               0   Lock requests that would have waited
               0   Deadlocks
         9470121   Region locks granted without waiting
           27953   Region locks granted after waiting
          925696   Lock region size
%lsof .
csh     45694 news  cwd   VDIR   91,5      512 27648 .
lsof    45709 news  cwd   VDIR   91,5      512 27648 .
lsof    45710 news  cwd   VDIR   91,5      512 27648 .

(overview directory).

Hmph.  This doesn't seem possible.  Unless "lockers" really aren't
programs, but just some tags in the log file from transactions
that haven't completed yet, or somesuch.

But if it's referring to locks asserted by programs, well, there tain't none.

This is after maybe 10 minutes of running (and it died in the assert) from before.

My 3.2.3e is compiled with --enable-diagnostic, fwiw.

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