Potential Clue to berkeleyDB issues.

Jaye Mathisen mrcpu at internetcds.com
Wed Dec 20 06:37:30 UTC 2000

Like clockwork, I was getting all kinds of bizarro behaviour
with the latest ovdb and the 12/17 -current release.

Finally, in a fit of take 'er from the top, I recompiled
BerkeleyDB with -g -O2, rather than the default -O2.

Had to edit the makefile by hand, for me --enable-debugging didn't
seem to do anything different.

Well, right off the top, it made it an hour, when it wasn't able to run
more than 10 minutes before.

I'm going to fire up an expire, and see what kind of fun I can have

If I can't get this going in the next day or so, I'm dropping back
to my backup of the 7/28 release with BerkeleyDB 2.7.7 which had
been rock solid for a few months.

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