innpeer-stats [was: Re: innd logging conventions]

Rich Skrenta skrenta at
Thu Dec 28 08:16:37 UTC 2000

> BTW, I'm open to comments on innpeer-stats.

Looks very nice.  See

I chose to run innpeer-stats out of cron as user news, sending the output
to an index.html file in the http directory, instead of as a cgi.
(I had to comment out the emission of the Content-Type: text/html line
in main.c).

I wrapped the invocation with:


rm -f /home/httpd/docs/innpeer-stats/*.png
echo "Rebuilding stats, please wait....<p>(`date`)" > /home/httpd/docs/innpeer-stats/index.html
/usr/local/news/bin/innpeer-stats > /home/httpd/docs/innpeer-stats/
mv /home/httpd/docs/innpeer-stats/ /home/httpd/docs/innpeer-stats/index.html

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