[Qs] cnfs / innreport

Alexandre CHERIF alexandre.cherif at worldonline.fr
Thu Feb 3 13:45:25 UTC 2000


i have many question regarding different part of INN:

first: i am using cnfs for storing my articles, and i use c-nocem to cancel "bad article".

how cnfs handle this ??

as a filesystem : the space been unallocted will be allocated the time an article arrived that is size
is less than the space left (meaning that fragmentation occured) ?

as a cycle buffer: the space is freed but unallocable until the next cycle ?

second: in my innreport outgoing feed by volume, shown only 0 i think meaning that the stats is
unavailable. i've check the source of innreport and the little part that i've understand is that to
compute outgoing feed by volume use the log from the file news like this one :

date + from_site <87c0ko$n9e$1 at wanadoo.fr> 1107 overview! site1 site2 site3

in this cas does anyone knows what part of the config file i missed ?

thanks in advance for any reply


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