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jher jher at
Fri Feb 4 21:29:50 UTC 2000

	Hi there,
	I recently upgraded to the latest snapshot of inn 2.3 and i'm having
some new readers.conf problems.  Basically we changed our nnrp.access file
to be an unshadowed password file which our users can update on the fly from
a menu system.  A previous admin had recompiled the ckpasswd program to not
use encrypted passwords and of course, he took the code when he quit so now
i'm kinda stuck.  I can encrypt the passwords, no problem but with or witout
them encrypted i'm having the following happen to offsite users.

	I telnet to server port 119, I get immediately disconnected.  No
banner from innd, nada.  I copied the entry for the default internal users and
now I get the banner and can read news normally via netscape, etc.  However,
I never get asked for username/password.  I've tried all sorts of combinations,
reading shadowed off /etc/passwd, off a flat text file both shadowed and un-
shadowed and I get the same effect everytime.  Any ideas?

Here is my readers.conf.

auth "outside" {
        # default is to allow no access
        hosts: "*"
        #auth: "ckpasswd"
        auth: "ckpasswd.nocrypt -f /usr/local/news/etc/nnrp.access"
        #default: "<users>"
        default: "<no-user>"
auth "shell" {
        # Shell boxes, run identds we can trust.
        hosts: "*"
        default: "<shell-user>"
        default-domain: ""
        res: "ident"
# ordinary users
access "users" {
        # users can read/post to all but our internal newsgroups.
        users: "*"
        newsgroups: "*,!internal.*"
        access: "Read Post"
# unknown users
access "no-one" {
        # can only read newsgroups, and only a restricted subset of those.
        users: "<no-user>"
        #newsgroups: "*,!internal.*"
        read: "export.*"

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