No space (newslib)

Brandon Hume hume at Den.BOFH.Halifax.NS.Ca
Thu Feb 10 14:07:44 UTC 2000

> in this specific filesystem? Assumed that I already have half of this
> space occupied, there are about 75-80 MB missing:

Since this looks like Solaris, also keep in mind that if you have old nnrpds
sitting around half unconscious, they'll tend to keep open the old history
files, and thus prevent the space from being freed.

In a worst case, which I've seen, an nnrpd laying around from the night 
before can keep the "really" old history dbs around, and then add onto that
the current history dbs, and the new history dbs being built, for up to three
times the expected space needed.

In my case, I just have a script that runs around after the expire completes
and kills any nnrpds started from before it began.  An inelegant solution,
but I don't really care.  :)

(The nnrpds appear to hang in a foolishly long poll() with a 1800000 second
timeout... I haven't had the bother yet to track down why it gets into this

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