INN and overview (recovering from crash)

Alexandre CHERIF alexandre.cherif at
Fri Feb 18 16:07:08 UTC 2000


thanks for the tool, i'll try it. I've the use makehistory/expireindex and it seems to have
resolved my trouble. so AFAIK to recover from bash oveview:

just make:

PREFIX/bin/makehistory -S -O -I PREFIX/tmp/list.temp -f temp.history
sort -t' ' +1 -2 PREFIX/tmp/list.temp | PREFIX/bin/expireindex -a -o -z  

and then move the temp.history* to history*

ps: this method use a lot of ram and disk, for me with a 1.3Go of history, it has take
12 hours and the maximum of disk was 3 times the size of the old history.


On 18-Feb-00 Ilya Etingof wrote:
> It might help.
> BTW, I've got a tool that does basically the same as makehistory does when
> invoked with -S -I -O switches. My tool either retrieves articles
> by history token or scans articles in news spool then parses out
> Xref: field from article header then generates new uniover, overview,
> and history records.
> The tool is rather raw but it worked for me so far.
> It's available at
> On Wed, 16 Feb 2000, Alexandre CHERIF wrote:
>> Hello,
>> my overview is apparently broken, when trying to get the list of new message
>> for a group, random characters arrive. example, in the subject i got part of
>> the Path: of news newsgoup: line :(
>> i've done some research to know how to get a fixed overview and after some hours 
>> i found this:
>> PREFIX/bin/makehistory -S -O -I PREFIX/tmp/list.temp -f temp.history
>> and
>> sort -t' ' +1 -2 PREFIX/tmp/temp.history | PREFIX/bin/expireindex -a -o -z  
>> does anyone kown if this might work to solve my problem ? or have a better solution ?
>> and since the makehistory create a new history file (temp.history) must i move it over the old 
>> history file ???
>> i'm using cnfs and my overview is the old one (directories)
>> Regards
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>> Alexandre

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