Slightly different overview problem

Damian Walker dgw at
Mon Feb 21 12:24:00 UTC 2000

Hello everyone,

I'm experiencing problems with overview slightly different to those 
discussed in a current thread, "INN and overview".  In my case, perfectly
good articles are coming down, but they've not necessarily been posted
in the group I am reading.  This sounds similar to a problem mentioned in
1998 (I've been reading the archives), but in those old discussions
people only mention articles being *missing*, with an error message (423?)
rather than articles being fetched from unrelated groups.  I am, of course,
*assuming* that this is an overview problem; I haven't enough experience
with INN to say so for sure.

So is my problem the same one as we are currently reading about?  Or is it
the same problem as people were mentioning before, or is it something
completely different?  I can give more details if need be.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Damian Walker

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