Slightly different overview problem

Dan Merillat harik at
Mon Feb 21 18:06:07 UTC 2000

Damian Walker writes:
> Hello everyone,
> I'm experiencing problems with overview slightly different to those 
> discussed in a current thread, "INN and overview".  In my case, perfectly
> good articles are coming down, but they've not necessarily been posted
> in the group I am reading.  This sounds similar to a problem mentioned in
> 1998 (I've been reading the archives), but in those old discussions
> people only mention articles being *missing*, with an error message (423?)
> rather than articles being fetched from unrelated groups.  I am, of course,
> *assuming* that this is an overview problem; I haven't enough experience
> with INN to say so for sure.
> So is my problem the same one as we are currently reading about?  Or is it
> the same problem as people were mentioning before, or is it something
> completely different?  I can give more details if need be.

What version are you running?  I know I saw that a long time ago in the
snapshots... I think before 2.2 went stable, in fact.

Also, what's your config?  CNFS? Timehash? Trad? what are you using for overview?


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