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Wed Feb 23 12:09:37 UTC 2000


I am waiting for release of INN2.3.

Atsushi Tamae

>Atsushi Tamae <atamae at> writes:
> > This is a firtst time to post mail to this ML. I am recetly working to
> > install INN.  Where can I get INN-2.3 ?
>INN 2.3 hasn't yet been released, but that's what we're calling the
>current development snapshots.
>Subject: 1.3. Where can I get INN?
>The download site for INN is <URL:>.  In that
>directory are the various releases of INN, some additional documentation
>(particularly of security holes), the original INN Usenix paper.
>There is also a snapshots subdirectory, in which you will find daily
>snapshots of the INN CVS repository for the last seven days.  The
>snapshots with STABLE_2_2 in the name are the latest versions of the
>STABLE branch and may have some additional bug fixes over the current
>released version.  The other snapshots are of the current development
>Please note:  There is no guarantee that a snapshot will even compile, let
>alone function well as a news server.  In particular, the CURRENT branch
>is under active development, and all sorts of things may be broken at any
>given point in time.  Use snapshots with caution, and don't use snapshots
>from the CURRENT branch on any production system unless you're prepared to
>debug the inevitable problems in code that's actively changing and not yet
>thoroughly tested.  (The STABLE snapshots should be fairly reliable,
>Russ Allbery (rra at         <URL:>

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