inn on Solaris X86 (Tunning)

Brad Groshok brad at
Fri Feb 25 04:48:22 UTC 2000

Hi all:   (non inn guru here, so be gentle on me)  :-)

I saw a message about a week ago about tunning a Solaris filesystem to 
improve INN disk I/O and can't for the life of me find that post.

Question is:
I'm running INN 2.2 snapshot from about a month ago, on a Solaris 2.7 X86
Dual PIII system.
512Meg ram (will be 1Gig tomorrow sometime) (bunch of swapping going on)
bout 160Gig of HD's across many drives split into 2 gig cnfs slices
and 4 Symbios U2W controller ports

I'm getting hammered with my /news/db directory accesses
iostat -xtc 4 shows that hd access to that drive is often 85% or higher (busy)

Thought I saw someone say something about adding a line to /etc/system to 
delay disk writes (cache). Any suggestions on that front?

System is taking couple good feeds and a Cidera (skycache) feed of about 
80Gig/day. I can't seem to keep up.

Think I'm also saturating our 10Meg ether card in the box, so I'll bump 
that to a 100Meg connection tomorrow too.

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