makedbz memory footprint

Kjetil Torgrim Homme kjetilho at
Sun Feb 27 01:00:18 UTC 2000

[Joe St Sauver]

>   Rerunning it with the -s35000000 value, pmap reports:
>    18876:	makedbz -s35000000
>    00010000     44K read/exec         /news/bin/makedbz
>    0002A000      8K read/write/exec   /news/bin/makedbz
>    0002C000 717808K read/write/exec     [ heap ]
>    [...]

Okay, so it's used by malloc().  Not as enlightening as I had hoped...
I thought some of the memory would be mmap()ed, but I hadn't looked at
the code.

Kjetil T.

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