When does expire.ctl come into play ?

John Kozubik john_kozubik at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 29 02:25:45 UTC 2000

If I set an expiration rule in 'expire.ctl', such as:


And a certain article from news.announce.* has been around for 34 days, when 
day 35 rolls around, does 'innd' just run a process every now and then 
checking these rules and expiring the article for me, or do these rules only 
come into play when I issue the 'expire' command on my own ?

If it does it automatically, does it also clean up any associated trash from 
history and overview?

Or if it does not do it automatically, and I need to run expire on my own, 
am I correct in my interpretation of the man pages that I also need to run 
additional utilities to pare down overview and hisory ?


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