Attempt at self-perpetuation (trying to expire, etc.)

John Kozubik john_kozubik at
Tue Feb 29 02:14:28 UTC 2000

News is working.  I have storageapi set to true, and I have a set of cycbuff 
files that everything is flowing into, and everything is great.

However, I do not understand how articles are expired when I use this method 
of storage.  Basically, my overview and history files have grown too big for 
the filesystem and now nobody can read news because of this:

no space (newslib) [innwatch:29] 22178 it 25000

I _do_ understand why this is happening - I dont have enough space in /usr.  
So, I decided to stop innd completely, and just run:

expire -n

So it ran, and as it was spitting all sorts of stuff to the screen, I notice 
that my /usr and /var prtitions are _filling up_ instead of being cleaned 

Also, I see that although I can expire things and clean up manually (well, I 
havent yet, but it looks like I can) how do I keep from filling up that 
filesystem again when history and overview grow too big?  I have no way of 
knowing how much news will come in on any given day, so how can I make the 
server reative - so that it will clean up the trash (expire old articles and 
pare down history and overview) when the trash gets too big?

So I guess I have two questions:

1. why do my /usr and /var filesystems fill up _even more_ when I run 
'expire -n' - shouldnt stuff get culled out of overview and history and thus 
reduce the space on these partitions?

2. Using the cnfs system like I am, how can I tell the news server "I dont 
care what is happening, but overview and history cannot get bigger than 'X' 
and if they try, just delete the oldest trash to make room for the new 

I am under the impression that that is the point of the cnfs system - you 
give it a finite amount of space, and it just spools there on a FIFO basis - 
the problem is, I am generating all these huge files _outside_ of cnfs that 
are getting too big - any way I can just put history and overview _into_ the 
cnfs ??



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