2.3 Beta and Berkley DB

Heath Kehoe heath.kehoe at intermec.com
Tue Jul 4 23:36:14 UTC 2000

>I finally had to dump Berkley DB today.  Over the past two months I noticed
>that expire got longer and longer each day, until at the end there it was
>taking 72 hours to run.  My volume went from over 70GB a day to 3GB a day.
>I upgraded 4 times, and am currently at 20000606 prerelease.
>It seemed like such a good idea :(
>This is just an FYI and I expect some: "Idiot, Berkley DB is for smaller
>feeds!" comments. :)

Which version of BerkeleyDB were you using?  So far, it seems the best
DB release is still 2.7.7.


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