CNFS query - cycbuffs

kevin kevin.v at
Fri Jul 7 00:26:14 UTC 2000


1, I am installing CNFS storage method with INN 2.2.2
on linux.

Just a quick query. Is it better to spread cycbuffs in sequence 
over multiple spindles and then group them under a metacycbuff
for a large newsgroup


disk1	BUF001		BUF006
disk2	BUF002		BUF007
disk3	BUF003		
disk4	BUF004
disk5	BUF005

or have BUF001-7 under a metacycbuff say on first disk 
for a specific newsgroup and keep doing this until
disk fills up and go on to next hard disk.

I was thinking about this for speed.

2, Anyone know a good resource for stats on different newsgroups?

Best Regards

Kevin D.

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