Theory questions about ovdb

Bettina Fink laura at
Mon Jul 10 21:26:20 UTC 2000

On Mon, 10 Jul 2000, Heath Kehoe wrote:

>> [~]$ wc -l db/history
>> 1284622 db/history
> What do you get for:
>   grep '@$' db/history |wc -l

$ grep -c '@$' db/history

> The ovdb docs recommend at least 1.1KB per article; so your
> overview disk space usage is within the norm.

Ah, I've forgotten that "1.1KB per article" thing, they just
looked so fat. ;-)

> To find out the actual article count, do a telnet to your reader
> port and type in: group <groupname>   e.g.:

group control.cancel
211 100273 68020 168292 control.cancel

tin says "100K" (it is not counting higher when in group overview
index), but after entering the group there are only 73926 articles

group news.lists.filters
211 66508 20447 86954 news.lists.filters

tin says "66508" in group overview index, but after entering the
group there are only 36078 articles visible.

And no, no killfile entry ... I've tried slrn to check if tin has
a problem, but the same thing with slrn. Where are the articles?
Sorry if I possibly put the saddle on the wrong horse, I had no
time for serious debugging (I hate Mondays). If no one has an idea,
I'll go tomorrow and rip the guts out of that server and do some
heavy examination ...

Bettina (whetting the knife)

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