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Russ Allbery rra at
Wed Jul 12 01:23:45 UTC 2000

Dickon Hood <dickon.hood at> writes:

> OK, I've tried that with the same result.  I've tried 5.004_0[45],
> 5.005_03, and failed to get 5.6.0 to work with 2.2.2.  The three
> versions of Perl I have got working do the same thing: print 'panic:
> top_env' and quit.  According to perldiag, it's a fatal error do with
> the interpreter going a goto 'or something weird like that'.

Bizarre.  I've definitely not seen this before, but then I've also not
tried to load much in the way of Perl modules into the filter.

> I've now decided I might as well try to upgrade to a later inn, the
> problem being that I can't actually find one :-) People here talk about
> 2.3.0beta etc., but I can't find it.  Anyone care to tell me where it
> would be? in /isc/inn/snapshots.  2.3.0 BETA are the inn-BETA-*.tar.gz

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