[2.4 nnrpd] nntpext patch

Extra Strength Flufferin supersede at india.com
Wed Jul 12 02:06:54 UTC 2000

In nnfolder+Mail:inn-workers, Russ Allbery <rra at stanford.edu> wrote:

> What all is left to do, out of curiosity?

As sven at tin.org noted, it might be nice to do something a little more
elaborate with LIST EXTENSIONS.  But hat shouldn't co into the main
command table -- there may be, for example, multiple extensions tied
to the single AUTHINFO command.  LIST EXTENSIONS, as currently
proposed, is kind of goofy anyway (what *is* with that leading
space?), so doing it properly should probably wait until it is defined
in a reasonable way.

There is still an unresolved question about how to handle "classic"
AUTHINFO responses; the official response codes are supposed to
somehow migrate from x8x to x5x, which breaks pretty much every
client.  There was a suggestion floated to only use the new reponses
if a LIST EXTENSIONS is issued, but as Andrew Gierth noted that still
breaks Netscape 4.x.

Also, there is some ambiguity on how LISTGROUP is supposed to work.
The current implementation changes the active nersgroup, but nntpext
doesn't specify that this is supposed to happen.  Thre is an open
question on how swervers that only partially implement XHDR/XPAT
should respond (only thing for sure is that the Typhoon approach of
successfully returning nothing is b0rken).

Also, see Clive Feather's extensive comments (mostly little stuff, but
some big things) in the nntpext archive from February or so for a
bunch more unresolved issues.  www.academ.com appears to be down at
the moment; for those not subscribed, a slightly older version of his
comments on the same draft rev is at

Finally, there was talk of making wildmat(3) support Unicode in some
fashion.  I seem to remember somebody mentioning that they had
implemented this one, but darned if I can remember who that was now.

(BTW, the SENDME stuff, when it's done enough to come begging for
inclusion in real INN, will need to be enabled in readers.conf anyway,
so it shouldn't be a problem for anyone who doesn't want to offer it.)

> I can update the TODO file for this.  (Thanks for doing this -- it
> was one of the high-priority projects!)

A noozreader I'm playing with wants to try and use them, and it gets
embarrased when it has to resort to using sleazy rogue X commands.

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