Draft specification for future X-Trace header

Russ Allbery rra at stanford.edu
Wed Jul 12 05:15:20 UTC 2000

Carlos Castro <jcastro at netcrusader.net> writes:

>> While it would be nice to do so, you don't get transfer permission as a
>> normal customer at any mass-market ISP. Take that for a fact.  One of
>> the simple reasons is the f***ing dynamic IP assignment which is forced
>> upon ISPs (at least in Europe).

> How about feeding authentication using username/password?  I have never
> done it before with INN, but it may be worth looking at.

INN doesn't currently support it in a way that you'd want for that
particular situation (dynamic IP).  It's not a bad idea, though,
particularly if you can use SASL for the authentication.

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