Draft specification for future X-Trace header

Bill Davidsen davidsen at tmr.com
Wed Jul 12 14:06:54 UTC 2000

On 11 Jul 2000, Russ Allbery wrote:

> Carlos Castro <jcastro at netcrusader.net> writes:

> > How about feeding authentication using username/password?  I have never
> > done it before with INN, but it may be worth looking at.
> INN doesn't currently support it in a way that you'd want for that
> particular situation (dynamic IP).  It's not a bad idea, though,
> particularly if you can use SASL for the authentication.

  Use UUCP, over dialup or TCP, works equally well either way. Batches are
compressed, caller IP doesn't matter, and it's bidirectional transfer, so
I can feed while taking an upload, making best use of the bandwidth.

  I use this for laptop connections for people in the field, since they
might use a regional or national ISP, a borrowed client IP, an ugly dialup
over POTS, whatever. You can also send mail over it, avoiding POP or IMAP.

  If security is an issue (not usual with ISP/user) you can run the
connect over ssh:
  ssh -f -L 2001:localhost:540 -l uucpuser bigsite sleep 240
  uucico -r1 -Sbigsite-lcl (which uses localhost port 2001)
Takes some hack to UUCP, don't remember the details.

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