memory pb with ovdb in nnrpd

Laurent Frigault lfrigault at
Wed Jul 12 14:06:05 UTC 2000


I'm running inn-BETA-20000711 with ovdb under FreeBSD 3.5 STABLE (db
2.7.7) and I found a memory problem with nnrpd.

When a reader issues an XOVER command , the memory footprint of the
nnrpd process grows proportionaly with the number of articles but it never
get reduced even when issuing an xover in an other group.

The following perl script reproduce the problem:
#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use strict;

use News::NNTPClient;

my $SERVER = "";

my $c = new News::NNTPClient($SERVER);    

my @res;

my ($first,$last)=$c->group("control.cancel");


print "Done\n";
sleep 10000;


Is there a patch or a workaround ?

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