memory pb with ovdb in nnrpd

Heath Kehoe heath.kehoe at
Wed Jul 12 21:52:33 UTC 2000

>I'm running inn-BETA-20000711 with ovdb under FreeBSD 3.5 STABLE (db
>2.7.7) and I found a memory problem with nnrpd.
>When a reader issues an XOVER command , the memory footprint of the
>nnrpd process grows proportionaly with the number of articles but it never
>get reduced even when issuing an xover in an other group.
>The following perl script reproduce the problem:

I can not reproduce this on my server, which is HP/UX 10.20, using
db 2.7.7.  The nnrpd size (both RSS and virtual) remains constant,
even when xover-ing all the articles in a bunch of different groups.


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