mmap required? (was Re: Draft specification for future X-Trace h

Forrest J. Cavalier III mibsoft at
Thu Jul 13 20:09:05 UTC 2000

> Standard problem with running INN over NFS is that it likes mmap and NFS
> doesn't.  If you turn off mmap for everything, it will likely work fine,
> but Clayton made some rumblings about not supporting mmap-free systems any
> more, so I'm not sure if that still works.  I keep meaning to go peer at
> that and haven't had time.

Without having tested it, just recently peering at code and working
from memory (big mistake?), innd never syncs/writes the active file
now.  It mmaps active, and expects writes to show up on disk.

nnrpd needs the active file to be current, and won't get it.

If your inn crashes, you'll have big problems since your active
file will be way behind the spool.

There is some autoconf checking for systems and mmap writes,
but isn't that just to see if mmap sees writes?

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