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Mon Jul 17 05:47:27 UTC 2000

OlivierS <teardrop at> writes:

> Does inn2.3 will allow to protect a newsgroup with a password and let
> the normal users which havent the password to read the others newgroups
> which arent protected ... ( it doesnt work with inn 2.2 )

I'm pretty sure this works in INN 2.2; it's certainly advertised to work
and I could have sworn that I'd heard confirmed reports of people who have
it working.


> To allow to read all the newsgroup but not to write on
>, I cant manage to do it with inn2.2 cause only the last line
> is considered by nnrpd ...

Sure, they're identical.  What happens if you provide a username and

    * Post:username:password:*

The first line should be ignored unless the client has authenticated

Anyway, yes, this definitely does work in INN 2.3; you make sure the
authenticated connections get a different user string than the
unauthenticated connections and then write separate access groups matching
one or the other.

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