mmap required? (was Re: Draft specification for future X-Trace h

Sven Paulus sven at
Fri Jul 14 12:02:09 UTC 2000

In article <200007131941.OAA00745 at> Heath Kehoe <heath.kehoe at> wrote:
|> Speaking of overview, all of the overview methods use mmap (tradindexed
|> and buffindexed mmap the group.index file, and BerkeleyDB mmaps its
|> __db* files).  So its no longer feasable to have reader machines that
|> NFS-mount spool and overview from a transport machine.

This should be mentioned in INSTALL. 

Another side effect: INN-2.2 was difficult to port to NT (using Cygwin), I
startet it once, but was too lazy to finish it (ctlinnd had to be rewritten
etc.), but with INN-2.3 and lots of mmap() it seems that it's impossible to
do a port to NT, right?


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