mmap required? (was Re: Draft specification for future X-Trace h

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Sat Jul 15 00:32:44 UTC 2000

In nnfolder+Mail:inn-workers, Sven Paulus <sven at> wrote:

> Another side effect: INN-2.2 was difficult to port to NT (using Cygwin), I
> startet it once, but was too lazy to finish it (ctlinnd had to be rewritten
> etc.), but with INN-2.3 and lots of mmap() it seems that it's impossible to
> do a port to NT, right?

The cygwin implementation of mmap() doesn't work the last I read, but
uwin is supposed to have a working one.  Depending on your situation,
it might even be free.
<URL:> for details.  It's
also got the necessary raw materials to get ctlinnd working.

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