INN 2.4 weirdness

Russ Allbery rra at
Mon Jul 17 05:32:33 UTC 2000

Barry Bouwsma <barry at> writes:

> First question:  Is it possible to start innd with perl filtering
> disabled from the commandline?  If so, I don't know how.


should work.

> Second, inn 2.4.0 from 09.Juli, am noticing some weirdness.  This is a
> transit-only box, so I have no overview defined.  However, when I ran
> news.daily nologs... by hand, the first thing it seemed to try to do was
> run expireover...  I had to kill that off to get anything more to
> happen.

You have enableoverview set to false in inn.conf?  That looks like it
should completely disable the expireover stuff in news.daily.

> Another thing I've noticed, that I hope is some cheap software out there
> and not a bug in this INN -- I've started to merge in my old hacks into
> innfeed (innd comes later) and I noticed a lot of these messages today:

> Jul 16 22:52:52 innfeed[18767]: spooge rejected
> <nBkc5.395330$k22.1724707 at flipper>
> (@031E485547452D3200000162103A00000004@) 437 Whitespace in "Newsgroups"
> header -- "alt.binaries.vcd, alt.chello.binaries"

> So it looks like this INN is happily accepting articles that the
> downstream innd is rejecting.

    /* Whitespace - clean the header up instead of rejecting it.  Too many
       servers are passing articles with whitespace along these days.  On
       May 12th, 2000, I rejected 18468 of 578846 articles because of this
       lack of adherence to standards. -rhooper at 2000/05/12 */

in art.c documents this change; the next revision of the news standards
will allow arbitrary whitespace and folding in the Newsgroups header and
this is a partial fix for that.  (Although I don't think it handles
folding and it needs to.)

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